Doosan Excavators: DX260LCA

Excellent productivity, quality & durability

DX260LCA has been built for the industry’s best productivity and cycle times. Through large size engine and pump, DX260LCA has the best productivity among equivalent models

Performance & Stability

Doosan in house engine perfectly harmonized with the hydraulic system and provides strong power.
Mechanical engine provides high resistance to moisture, dust, and bad fuel quality

Fuel Efficiency

Relief cutoff technology of Doosan prevent transfer of unnecessary flow to keep powerful working level at the maximum value while reducing consumption of fuel.
The auto idle technology effectively controls the engine, and prevents unnecessary fuel consumption while the engine is kept in standby mode.
Engine & pump matching, the new technology of Doosan, fully resolves these problems. Matching response time between pump and engine efficiently reduces unnecessary fuel consumption as well as exhaust fumes.

Classification Unit DX260LCA
Operating Weight ton 24.8
Bucket Capacity (SAE) m3 1.1
Engine Rated Power (Net Power) kW(HP) / rpm 136kW(183 HP) @1800rpm
Engine Max. Toque kg.m / rpm 85 / 1400
Digging Force (ISO) Bucket (Nor. / Press. Up) ton 17.3 / 18.4
Digging Force (ISO) Arm (Nor. / Press. Up) ton 13.8 / 14.6
Max. Digging Reach mm 10180
Max. Digging Depth mm 6800
Max. Digging Height mm 9600
Overall Length mm 10075
Overall Width mm 3200
Overall Height mm 3195